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Our Booth

Our Booth

Photo booth are designed for special events. Our booths are sleek, and portable yet large enough for up to 12 guests to get in, let loose and have fun!

In addition to our standard look of the booth which is all black with red curtains. We have the option to brand the booth; this feature is often utilized at corporate events and parties. For the Bride who wants the booth to blend in a little better we offer several different background curtains to match the style of wedding.

When renting a photo booth consider the following:

  • Know what you are paying for is the booth you are receiving going to be the one from the website? Are they going to place a small ink jet printer on a table nearby with cables running from the booth?
  • Is the attendant going to dig into your allotted rental time you are paying for to refill inkjet printer paper?
  • How long is the print time?
  • How many guests will the booth accommodate?