Wedding DJ's

At Last Resort DJ Service, we will take the time to meet with you in advance, to help you plan out the important music details of your wedding and reception. There are many things to consider in making the right selection of music for your wedding. Be prepared for us to ask you an abundance of questions so we can gather information about what you would like the music to reflect. Your guests will most likely be very musically diverse, which is another reason why the more we know, about you and your family, the better we can prepare for what will keep everyone happy and focused on you. Your family and friends should connect with the music and be able to hear a song after and reflect on the beautiful day. Although it is the background of the wedding/reception it is still one of the most critical features. It is extremely important that your expectations are understood so they can be fulfilled. We consider it an honor to be a part of your special day. Each and every wedding is unique to us and shall be treated as such. You are entrusting one of the most important days of your life to our family and we will strive to make it sound beautiful.